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United Plainfield Housing Corporation

In 1971, Plainfield Urban Coalition Housing Task Force, Model Cities Housing Task Force, Mobilization for Housing Development, Plainfield Area Fair Housing Corporation, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People joined their efforts by forming the United Plainfield Housing Corporation.  The U.P.H.C., a non-profit organization, is sponsor of the Allen/Young Housing Development, consisting of one hundred seven (107) living units which are located on two sites in Plainfield, New Jersey.


The Whitney Young, Jr. Apartments provide fifty five homes for low and moderate income families. These homes are townhouses offering all modern conveniences. The location of the site makes it an ideal one for the elderly and for families with school aged children. It is near the central business area of the city, schools, playgrounds and churches are nearby. Rail and bus transportation add to the convenience of the site.


For the sophisticated suburban dwellers, The Frank W. Allen Village offers the optimum in living convenience. This development is situated in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Plainfield. There, garden apartments are attractively spaced on a hillside overlooking Greenbrook Valley with a panoramic view of nearby Watchung Mountain Range. Beautiful and spacious Greenbrook Park is adjacent to the site. Residents who must commute to work by automobile will be able to reach U.S. Highway 22 within a few minutes of travel time.  With Schools nearby for children.

The Allen/Young Apartments are of two sites, sponsored by the United Plainfield Housing Corporation,  a non-profit organization for the low and middle income families. This development consists of 107 dwelling units with on-site parking, community room, laundry facilities on each site and Administration Office.

The Whitney Young, Jr. Apartments are located on Central Ave. and West Fourth Street has 55 apartments in seven buildings, while the Frank W. Allen Village located at Clinton and Myrtle Avenues has 52 apartments in eight buildings.

The Allen/Young Apartments have been built for living comfort and are ideally situated tp meet the needs of everyone. The communities are designed for your pleasure and convenience, being close to a park, in-town shopping, banks, U.S. Post Offices, buses and trains.

Living here can be very enjoyable, however, it requires the greatest amount of care – consideration and co-operation between occupants and management.


Features are:

Electric ranges                 Refrigerator                     Heat

Hot Water                        Janitorial Service             Community Center

On-site Manager             On-site Maintenance

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development has provided rental subsidy under Section 236.


Dedication Biographies


Whitney M. Young, Jr. was born in Lincoln Ridge, Kentucky, and received his B.S. degree at Kentucky State College in 1941. He later did graduate work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and earned an M.A. in social work from the University of Minnesota in 1947.

From 1954 to 1961, Mr. Young served as Dean of the Atlanta University School of Social Work. During the academic year 1960-1961, he was visiting scholar at Harvard University und under a Rockefeller Foundation grant. From 1961 until the time of his death in 1971, he was Executive Director of the National Urban League.

A prominent lecturer and author, Mr. Young completed his first full-length book “To Be Equal” in 1964. A second, “Beyond Racism” was published in 1969. Mr. Young projected his philosophy and ideas in a syndicated news column, entitled “To Be Equal”. It was carried in more than 100 newspapers across the country.

During his lifetime, Whitney Young served on several Presidential Commissions of Kennedy an d Johnson administrations. In 1969, Mr. Young was one of the 20 Americans selected by President Johnson to receive the “Medal of Freedom”, the nation’s highest civilian award.

March 11, 1971 Whitney M. Young died in Lagos, Nigeria of apparent heart attack at the age of 49. Mr. Young was in Africa to attend a conference aimed at increasing understanding between black Africans and Americans. His untimely death came at the height of an impressive and illustrious career in which he distinguished himself as a voice of conciliation between black and white communities at a time when racial polarization was splitting the nation.

For his many efforts and achievements, the United Plainfield Housing Corporation has named one of its housing sites- “ THE WHITNEY M. YOUNG, JR. APARTMENTS”.


Reverend Frank W. Allen, a longtime resident of the City of Plainfield, has merited great recognition and exaltation for his dedication services to his fellowmen.

One of the many areas in which he has involved himself is for better housing for the low and middle income families. It started as a dream and has ended in reality.


Reverend Allen, who was President of the Plainfield Branch of the N.A.A.C.P., had worked with this organization to support the residence for senior citizens – namely the Richmond towers, and to co-sponsor the United Plainfield Housing Corporation, who has completed, as a non-profit organization, the beautify; development located on two sites.


The United Plainfield Housing Corporation Board members had resolved to name the Myrtle-Clinton site the “FRANK W. ALLEN VILLAGE” that it will be a lasting token of remembrance to the people of Plainfield now and for generations to come of the tireless struggles and efforts of Reverend Frank W. Allen.